The gold standard has been reinvented thanks to DIGIX and their use of blockchain technology. Physical gold bullion can now be converted into blockchain based tokens, whereby 1 DGX token represents 1 gram of gold.


You can now hold, send and exchange gold in a digital way with the confidence your asset is securely stored and insured within vaults in both Singapore and Canada.


This innovative blockchain solution guarantees a Gold to DGX ratio of 1 : 1 and gives everyone the ability to review and track DGX issuance via the online Asset Explorer. DGX is the future of gold ownership.

Gold Backed

Full Reserve


Ethereum ERC20

User Controlled

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Explain it to me please?
These three short videos will give you an overview about the DGX Gold Backed Token.
Where can I review DGX and the stored gold?
You're welcome to check yourself! The extremely transparent minting process ensures 1 DGX token always equals 1 gram of gold.
1.  How many DGX tokens?
You can review the following contract address to see exactly how many tokens are in circulation. As more gold enters the vault, more DGX will be minted. 
2.  How much gold is held?
You can lookup and review every block of gold, its serial number, custodial documents and even audit reports. Click this link and scroll down this page to see a list of gold held in custody -->
Where can I store DGX?

DGX is an ethereum based ERC20 Token. You can store this in any Ethereum based wallet. Below are just some examples.

Hardware Wallet

Web Wallet

Phone Wallet

Who created DGX?

DGX is an asset backed crypto token created by DIGIX, a private company based in Singapore. This pioneering tech company officially launched the DGX token back in March 2018, leveraging their proprietary Proof Of Provenance system to tokenize gold bullion. This thorough minting process ensures 1 DGX token always equals 1 gram of gold.

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Have a question?

There are several community managers available to answer any of your questions.  Community Managers can be contacted via the Telegram or Discord links below. Alternatively, if you have a question related to the DIGIX Marketplace you can review the FAQ section and lodge a ticket for support if you still need assistance.

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DIGIX FAQ & Helpdesk

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